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Functional Behavior Assessment


The FBA is a problem-solving process for any general or special education student with persistent, severe, or complex behavior challenges. This problem-solving process involves identifying clear, predictive relationships between events in a person’s environment and occurrences of an observable target behavior.


Intervention Plan (BIP)

A BIP is a plan that is based on the results of a functional behavioral assessment (FBA) and, at a minimum, includes a description of the problem behavior, global and specific hypotheses as to why the problem behavior occurs and intervention strategies that include positive behavioral supports and services to address the behavior.

Short video explaining

the FBA/BIP process


Step 1:   Establish a team and get to know the student's strengths    


Step 2:   Identify the target behavior. (Prioritize: You can’t address ALL behavior)

Step 3:   Collect information/data on student and behavior.

Step 4:   Develop hypothesis of the function of the behavior.     


Step 5:   Design Behavior Intervention Plan.

Step 6:   Implement, monitor, evaluate outcomes and refine plan.



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